Playverse india has Started Pre-Registration for its OTT Platform’s Launch

Playverse Anime India OTT Launch’s Pre Registration Started on 8th June , 2022 . You can register for Playverse now ! today announced on its social media platform that Pre-registration for its upcoming OTT App’s launch has started.All you have to do go to the link :- & follow the instructions on their website page.

To pre-register, users have to go to the above mentioned Link ( ) and choose your preferred Plan. After choosing plan , users have to fill up theirs first , last name with their email address & then click on the Register button.



Playverse’s initial Plans and pricings for its upcoming OTT launch.

Playverse offers a variety of plans to meet What users want.

Playverse starts with a plan that is always free , ” Fan Basic ” . With this plan users can watch their favourite anime shows with limited access for free . It’s an advertisement supported plan which means that you will see adverts during your viewing of anime.Here you only get standard definition — there is no high definition for this plan.

Then there is a premium membership plan called ” FAN GOLD ” . For this plan , Users have to pay ₹ 200 /- per month to watch their favourite Animes in hindi dubbed with Ad-free & High Definition with offline viewing.

Then there is a yearly plan comes with ₹ 1800 /- per year.This plan is called ” FAN GOLD PLUS “.With this subscription, you also receive access to High definition & offline viewing and a 25% discount off with Subscription price And full access to Playverse Library & also have privilege to choose which anime shows or movies come next to the platform.

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