Kawaii Japanese Dress-up App “Purenista M” to Be Sequentially Released in Approximately 170 Countries and Regions Worldwide From November

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Cocone v corp. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan; President: Dongjun Choi; “cocone v”) has announced the sequential launch of Purenista M in approximately 170 countries and regions around the world starting in November.
Purenista M is an avatar dress-up game with a high degree of freedom that combines the kawaii visuals of Japan with the fun of dressing up a character. The service was originally launched in Japan in July 2020 and received critical acclaim for gorgeous visuals and a unique focus on inspiring creativity. An English localization will now be offered as a new application.
Moving forward, cocone v plans to culturalize the service by adding languages* and original content for different countries and regions. The entire management team will do their best to provide a wonderful place for avatar dress-up fans around the world to interact and enjoy the service.

*Traditional Chinese will be added in early 2023.

Release Campaign

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Start Purenista M now and get a variety of rewards. We have prepared login bonuses and gifts to celebrate the release. We hope that you will claim lots of Pure Tickets and limited items, and enjoy the dress-up experience to its fullest!

What is Purenista M?

Purenista M is a new avatar dress-up application that provides customers with a place to express themselves. In this app, dressing up one’s avatar is the main objective, not an extra feature.

Dress-up functionality

In addition to general dress-up functions that allow you to combine clothing and hairstyles, you can also change your avatar’s gender, skin tone, gaze, and head tilt to your liking.

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You can post “Scenes” that consist of your dressed-up avatar with backgrounds and other props. The avatars can be freely moved, enlarged, shrunk, or rotated in the picture. Multiple avatars can also be placed at the same time, allowing for endless variations.

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Social networking

(1) View your own posts and the posts of others in the Gallery
In the Gallery, you can view not only your own Scenes and avatars but also those posted by other people. Post your own original Scenes to the Gallery to show them off to the world.

(2) React to other people’s posts
If you find a post that you like, you can share your feelings by reacting with a “like” or leaving a comment. You can also follow people whose posts you enjoy. Share your feelings with others to expand your enjoyment of Purenista M.

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(3) Award wonderful posts with Star Gifts
In addition to “likes,” you can also award Star Gifts to posts that resonate with you. A Star Gift is a type of “special like” that gifts the receiver with bonus stars that can be used for drawing items from a “Basket.” You can give a certain number of Star Gifts without losing any of your own Stars, and the number resets at a specified time, meaning that you can exchange Star Gifts with your friends every day.

(4) Collect your favorite posts
You can add your favorite posts to your profile as collections. Your own posts will be displayed under “My Best” while other people’s posts will be displayed under “Collections,” allowing you to build your own personal “kawaii” gallery to immerse yourself in.

(5) Take photos with friends
You can take photos of your avatars with your friends’ avatars. All you need to do is choose a specific pose and background for the photo shoot, so it’s easy to set up.

The app is packed with a variety of content!

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(1) Learn photography techniques with Scene Story
This is the first step on your Purenista M journey. Challenge yourself with Scene Story, where you can learn basic techniques for Scene photography while having fun. Learn the tricks of creating beautiful Scenes and earn item rewards at the same time!

(2) Collect daily flowers in the Scene Garden to earn items
This feature allows you to collect flowers every day by visiting the Scene Garden with your avatar. These flowers can be exchanged for limited-edition avatar items and Pure Tickets (used for drawing items from Baskets) at the Scene Garden Shop. You can also visit someone else’s Scene Garden to help them collect flowers.

(3) Exchange duplicate items through Item Trade
In Purenista M, you can give away duplicate items as presents or swap them for other items. Using features such as the Random Box, which allows you to randomly exchange items, or the Exchange Request Box, where you can swap specific items with another user, you can collect more and more items for a fulfilling dress-up experience.

(4) Find friends and chat with Open Talk
Enjoy communicating with like-minded individuals in Open Talk, a feature for finding friends and chatting. You can also paste item images in Open Talk chat rooms, which is useful when searching for someone to swap items with.

(5) Participate in user-driven Contests
Once you have gotten the hang of taking Scenes, why not participate in a Contest? If the contest organizer likes your work and chooses you as the winner, you will receive a prize. Of course, you are free to host your own contest as well! Users can easily set up contests on any theme and search for participants.

For the latest information on the release, please visit the official Twitter and website.
▽Official homepage

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