Alhaitham and Yaoyao Released With Genshin Impact Version 3.4

The recent Genshin Impact Version 3.4 reveal stream introduced a new area, story quest, two new characters, and a variety of events including the Lantern Rite festival. Version 3.4 will arrive January 18 for Playstation, PC, Android, and iOS.

Version 3.4 contains a new playable area, the Desert of Hadramaveth, located in the northwest of Sumeru. At the center of the desert, players will notice a large perpetual tornado that serves as the guiding landmark. This tornado has shifted the sands revealing long hidden secrets of the desert. The Desert of Hadramaveth will be explored in Alhaitham’s story quest, “Vultur Volans Chapter.”


The Genshin Impact team is expanding the character base for the recently added Dendro element with the release of Alhaitham and Yaoyao. Alhaitham, who plays a prominent role in the Sumeru Archon quest, is a five-star sword wielder. His Elemental Skill allows him to perform a short range teleport that converts his normal attacks into Dendro damage, similar to Keqing, while also creating “Chisel-Light Mirrors” that unleash coordinated attacks like Xingqiu.

The second new Dendro character is the four-star polearm wielder Yaoyao. Her Elemental Skill throws out “White Jade Radishes” that explode dealing Dendro damage and healing within its AoE. Her Elemental Burst creates a “Yuegui” device which constantly throws radishes and increases her movement speed and Dendro resistance.

The first half wish banner for version 3.4 contains Alhaitham and Xiao as the featured five-star characters. Yaoyao will also be available as a four-star character.

The second half wish banner includes Hu Tao and Yelan as the featured five-star characters.



This update comes with a plethora of events including the return of the Lantern Rite festival. Players will have access to various mini-games and have the opportunity to earn many rewards including a four-star Liyue character.

In Inazuma, the “Warrior’s Spirit” contest will challenge players to duel with just their sword techniques. With this event, Kamisato Ayaka will also receive a brand-new outfit. Also to be found in Inazuma is Aratakki Itto’s “Beetle Brawl.” Participants will take control of an Onikabuto and battle to prove their mastery.

A team challenge event, “Second Blooming” will also be available to play. Players will have to construct three teams to battle through consecutive combat rounds. A new outfit for Lisa will be given to players who successfully battle through all the stages and achieve target scores.

The Genius Invokation TCG will have character cards for Klee and Beidou added in addition to a new “Heated Battle” mode.

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